Regulatory Requirements for Ontario Businesses

Posted On Wednesday March 20, 2024

Understand your obligations as a business owner, and the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees in Ontario.

Rules and regulations for all businesses

Employment Standards Act

Learn the rules about minimum wage, hours of work limits, termination of employment, job-protected leaves of absence and more.

Taxes and benefits

Ensure you're complying with tax regulations and learn about Ontario tax credits for businesses and the Employer Health Tax (a paytoll tax paid by employers).

Occupational Health and Safety Act

Learn everyone's rights and duties in the workplace, and how to deal with workplace hazards.

Accessibility laws

Laws and standards are in place to make Ontario more inclusive for everyone. Learn about accessibility requirements and standards for your business and how to complete an accessibility report.

Rules and regulations affecting some businesses

Consumer protection information for businesses

Learn how to comply with consumer protection laws and avoid consumer complaints.

Commercial vehicles

Learn how to get what you need to operate commercial vehicles, such as trucks or buses.

Agriculture and food laws

Agri-food businesses must comply with food safety and agriculture laws. Meat plants must apply for a licence and follow specific acts and regulations related to meat processing.

Ontario's Building Code

Learn more about Ontario's Building code so your business can meet all required building regulations in Ontario.

Environmental permissions

Learn about the different types of environmental permissions you or your business may need and how to apply for each.

Business in the North

Do you operate in the North? Check to see if you are eligible for available business support services, grants and loans. 

Animal Welfare

Businesses with animals on premises must comply with the Provincial Animal Welfare Services Act.

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