Business Improvement Area


The Strathroy Business Improvement Area ( BIA) allows local businesspeople and property owners to join together.  With the support of the Municipality of Strathroy-Caradoc, it organizes, finances, and carries out physical improvements and promotes economic development in its district.

Through the establishment of the BIA, the municipality collects a special charge on all industrial and commercial properties in a BIA area based on a BIA budget approved by Council.  The funds are then transferred to the BIA organization to carry out its work.

The current BIA Board of Governance has developed the following mission and vision statements:


Create a revitalized community core through the following priorities:

  • Advocate on behalf of our membership;

  • Engage in planning and projects that promote our vision;

  • Communicate with the community and our members;

  • Support the development of new businesses;

  • Promote our members and the goods and services they provide;

  • Lobby for the safety and security of our patrons and members; and

  • Plan for beautification and the creation of a unique experience.


The Strathroy Business Improvement Area revitalized as a community focal point in which businesses thrive; residents live, work, and play; and visitors feel welcome to our unique downtown Strathroy Experience.

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