Agri-Business Sector Overview (PDF)

Strathroy-Caradoc is situated in the heart of Ontario's agricultural region, and Agri-Business is one of the largest economic drivers within the municipality. With  235 farms totalling in 56,000 acres of farmland, the agriculture sector in Strathroy-Caradoc exports $220 Million of product annually. 

Agri-Business Sector Highlights 

Field Crop, Vegetable Crop and Greenhouses

Field Crop

Of the cash crops produced in Strathroy-Caradoc, Soybean and Corn are the most popular to grow.

  • 19,880 Acres of Corn for grain production
  • 14,700 Acres of Soybean production

Of the 2,690 acres of land used for vegetable growth, sweet corn, green peas and green or wax beans make up almost all acerage:

  • 1,073 Acres of Green Pea production
  • 545 Acres of Green or Wax Bean production
  • 514 Acres of Sweet Corn production

Not included in the most recent 2016 Census of Agriculture Statistics is the recently-constructed greenhouse space used by the cannabis manufacturing and processing company WeedMD. This will result in an additional 550,000 square feet of greenhouse being added to the 865,700 sqaure feet accounted for in 2016.

Livestock and PoultryHens and Chickens

Strathroy-Caradoc, as well as the greater Middlesex County region and the majority of Southwestern Ontario, has a high concentration of cattle, pigs, hens and chickens farms. Unsurprisingly, this has resulted in Strathroy-Caradoc being the home to two of the largest egg processors in Ontario: Burnbrae and Gray Ridge.

  • 4,000 Cattle and calves
  • 23,130 Pigs
  • 120,300 Hens and chickens

Location and Climate

Grow Season

With the Highway 402 running through the municipality, this gives our agriculture businesses an advantage over similar sized municipalities in getting products to market faster and more affordably.

Located in the most southern region of Ontario and Canada also provides the opportunity for a longer growing season, spanning about 200 days.