Industry Map and Support Organizations

Open each of the boxes below to see maps with the locations of businesses in specific sectors in Strathroy-Caradoc. Sectors are represented at the 2-digit NAICS level. Each dot represents one business and provides a good visual of where certain sectors and businesses are clustered in the municipality. Some businesses are not captured in these maps, but this does not take away from the general locational patterns of businesses within the community seen in these maps.

 all sectors
NAICS 11 - Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting
ag forestry fishing hunting
NAICS 21 - Mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction
 mining quarrying oil and gas
NAICS 23 - Construction
NAICS 31 - Manufacturing
NAICS 41 - Wholesale trade
 wholesale trade
NAICS 44 - Retail trade
 retail trade
NAICS 48 - Transportation and warehousing
 transportation and warehousing
NAICS 51 - Information and cultural industries
 info and cultural industries
NAICS 52 - Finance and insurance
 finance and insurance
NAICS 53 - Real estate and rental and leasing
 real estate
NAICS 54 - Professional, scientific and technical services
 professional scientific and tech services
NAICS 56 - Administrative and support, waste management and remediation services
 admin and support waste management and remediation
NAICS 61 - Educational services
 educational services
NAICS 62 - Health care and social assistance
 health care and social assistance
NAICS 71 - Arts, entertainment and recreation
 arts and entertainment
NAICS 72 - Accommodation and food services
 accommodation and food services
NAICS 81 - Other services (except public administration)
 other services
NAICS 91 - Public administration
 public admin