Permits, Taxes, and Utility Rates


The valuation of building permits across residential and ICI developments are an important indicator of the success and viability of a municipality.  Strathroy-Caradoc continues to grow in a positive fashion in this regard as you will note in the permit chart that ranges from 2018 - 2021 below.

Building Permit Type2018201920202021
New Single Detached Dwelling $48,714,589 $44,631,800 $72,562,469 $68,352,030
Other Residential $8,585,300 $20,565,153 $18,117,266 $14,426,843
Commercial $220,000 $4,038,100 $755,141 $1,781,903
Commercial/Residential $145,000 $350,000 $2,057,000 0
Industrial $564,200 $7,627,000 $179,400 $9,365,000
Agricultural Buildings $3,904,126 $17,808,000 $2,037,700 $3,952,920
Institutional Buildings $2,740,500 $120,000 $1,089,000 $821,000
Total Valuations $64,871,715 $95,140,053 $96,797,976 $98,699,696


Municipal Taxes

Large manufacturers, small or medium businesses, and residents looking to relocate to Strathroy-Caradoc will all pay less in industrial, commercial, or residential property tax than in the large neighbouring communities.  For an overview of the current municipal taxation rates, please click here.

Provincial Taxes

The provincial general corporate tax rate is 11.5% and the corporate tax rate for small business is 3.2%.  Provincial income tax is 5.05 on first $45,142 of taxable income, 9.15% on the next $45,145, 11.16% on the next $59,713, 12.16% on the next $70,000 and 13.16% on the amount over $220,000.

Federal Taxes

The federal general corporate tax rate is 10% and the corporate tax rate for small business is 9%.  Federal income tax is 15% on the first $50,197 of taxable income, 20.5% on the next $50,195, 26% on the next $55,233, 29% on the next $66,083 and 33% on the amount over $221,708.


 Water and Sewer Rates

The Strathroy Water System receives water from the Lake Huron Primary Water Supply System. The pipeline for this project was installed in 2005 and has a capacity of 54,700 m3/day. The average day flow for Strathroy in 2010 was 4,795 m3/day. The pipeline is projected to provide a minimum 40 year water supply.

The Strathroy Sewage Treatment Plant was upgraded in 2000 to a capacity of 10,000 m3/day. The 2010 average daily flow for the facility was 5,282 m3/day.

For an overview of the current water and sewer rates, please click here.

 Gas Rates

Enbridge Gas is Canada's largest natural gas storage, transmission and distribution company based in Ontario, with a more than 170-year history of providing safe and reliable service to customers.  They provide an affordable energy choice for approximately 3.8 million residents and businesses, and they are leading the transition towards a lower-carbon future.  For information on natural gas rates, please click here.

 Hydro Rates

Entegrus operates and maintains electricity distribution systems for over 60,000 customers in Southwestern Ontario.  They are committed to operating with local values in mind, while delivering safe, reliable and exceptional service to their customers, partners and communities.  For further information on hydro rates, please click here.